Not much closer to many more Almosts

Well, I spoke too soon in the last Blahg.  Got more pulp beaten and mixed for color, and then got hit with another huge load of tedious admin; been at it for two solid days, expect to be at it for a few more, before I can get back to the pulp and (S)Edition. Sigh.

Some very, very good things came in but are not yet fully confirmed, some others require more summer and fall schedule juggling, and I am still waiting for information on earlier tentative commitments, which will probably require even more juggling.  So, this is a photoblog from the past few days, while I type and type and type and wait for news that’s concrete enough to be share-able…and still keep planning more new work, still only in my mind and in quick sketches for now. But at least things things are blooming, even if I don’t yet know what they are exactly.

This side of the front garden looks great!

This side doesn’t.  This is why:I finally spotted the big fat rabbit who has built several tunnel systems into one side of the garden and, I suspect,  has eaten the bulbs.