The yard was full of violets this week, before Paul had to cut the grass. Nice. He skirted around all the lily of the valley that jumped its borders; I’ll transplant it.

The two days of admin work turned into five full days and nights, with estimated deferred taxes thrown in there in the middle of it.  On a gorgeous 81 degree day, I took a five mile roundtrip walk, which seemed like a good idea. Clearing my head outdoors was good; wearing new shoes was not.  I’d had them on before and they seemed quite comfortable, but by the time I reached my destination, my feet began to feel sore;  by the time I got back home I was limping and had six huge blood blisters, in spite of cotton socks. They’re still pretty awful (sigh). I can hardly believe it, but I can finally return to the studio today, so I am segueing to part of (S)Edition that keeps me off my feet.

Some of what I’ve been doing involves re-examining unpleasant things.  That resulted in waking in the middle of the night three nights in a row, and being unable to get back to sleep.  So, when I happily saw Aimee’s photos, posted immediately after she visited a place I’ve always wanted to see, I decided to counteract the disturbing energy by revisiting good times. Last night I began finally putting the past 23 months worth of photos up on Flickr, chronologically, beginning where I left off: Scotland. I’ve got Edinburgh and the National Museum up. And I slept all night. I’ll keep at it bit by bit: Scotland, Catwalk, Jentel, Chicago, WSW, I-Park, Ragdale…

Scottish bluebells in Inverleith, Edinburgh, May 2008

3 thoughts on “Counterbalances

  1. YAY! i thought of you a lot yesterday, naturally. i told lucinda about how you told me to visit and all that, too. that is a HUGE photo project but it sounds like the right time for it. and it will feel great once you are done!

    i’m sorry about your feet–THAT is no fun at all. i remember ben’s blood blisters from his physical training–ruck marches where you go for miles carrying a whole load of crap. i was horrified when i saw what it did to his feet.

    but hooray for sleeping!! which is what i am about to do.

  2. gorgeous fotos. i love flowers, flora, even fauna – in fact i was the token dancing faun at the midstutternight’s wedding of fool and folly.

    that rat poster foto is one i would have taken myself.

  3. that top slim foto across the top of your blog that is from your LISTEN piece is one beautiful shot – looks fotoshopped fantasy rather than reality. great stuff.

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