the outside part or uppermost layer of things

Today was to have been a small back-yard papermaking gathering with three old friends, and I’d been looking forward to that, but it’s cool and rainy, so we’ve postponed till fairer weather.  It is fine to be having an actual spring season this year, though, instead of Chicago’s usual fast few days between winter and summer.

Friday was quietly social; I ran a few errands, then met up with another old friend for dinner and great talk, and then we attended a show opening, to see and support some young artists who have been working very hard. It was quite pleasant to run into several people I haven’t seen in a long while, but I cut out early. The next morning, the mailed announcement for that show arrived, which made me laugh out loud. (Fortunately, the artists themselves were on top of things; I’d been receiving their individual electronic invitations for weeks.)

Currently, still working on research things, house things, garden things, trying to work out details for a summer class, and still: working on the upcoming shows.  I’ve had to resort to a spreadsheet (shudder) to keep track of which works will go where and when.  At the moment, they’re all moving around like so many jumping beans from day to day, depending on that day’s e-mail.  One group show is simple and stable: a single piece created for the show, but the others all involve multiple works and installations. It will be slightly insane but fun. Here’s the first public mention I’ve seen of one of them (scroll to the bottom).

Yesterday, I declared an official “I’ll only do what I feel like doing when I feel like doing it” day. It wasn’t much, beyond making a few more test sheets, watching a movie, and hanging out with Paul, but it was as guilt-free as a holiday  I highly recommend declaring your own.

And now I’m off to the studio. Today’s photos are of some its surfaces, with thanks back to Velma, whose post made me think of shooting them.  (See? This is what I love about blogging). In the interest of going beyond the surface, one result of revisiting my Scotland photos has been that all of my dreams the past few nights, no matter what they’re about, have taken place in Scotland.  Nice.