Beltane begins it

It’s April 30 and I have a candle burning, and the first spectacular thunderstorms of the year have blown past, to the north, officially ushering in the season of growth. I haven’t felt very Blahg-ish lately, and I am not finished with the work on (S)Edition.  I’m still having to do way, way too many other, computer-related things, so much so that the web site and Flickr have been neglected as well. I did rebel on Wednesday and took off for a great evening with friends, for a cheap-food-followed-by-fantastic-but-expensive-drinks fest. It was much fun, though a Thursday nap was necessary.

The upcoming shows are almost, almost nailed down, enough to have charted out my calendar for the rest of the year. When I did, I realized that I am probably insane. Things won’t be quiet from now till October, and then only for a few weeks. So I decided to put out a call for a studio assistant or two, and was humbled and touched by an immediate, surprisingly large response, even though it’s a barter situation.  This will help immensely.

It’s good to ask for what you need, and is particularly great when that involves giving back.  Aimee Lee is doing just that right now, and her modest needs will give back immeasurably for years to come. She’s donating her time and skills, bringing traditional Korean papermaking (Hanji) to the US, letting us learn, and helping to preserve its uniqueness.  Read about it here, and help if you can.

One thought on “Beltane begins it

  1. thanks for the shout out! and it’s true: you never know until you ask. and then you find out the most incredible things…

    also, you ARE insane. but coming from someone who was similarly so last year, i know you will pull it off.

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