a quick blahg break…

I remember writing last summer about how great it would be to stay home and enjoy my gardens during a growing season.  Even though I austerely have only one residency this year, that ain’t gonna happen. The growing season sure is, though.

I now have two assistants who are ready to begin next week, and others waiting in the wings. (Just now, I can’t thank anyone by name, but I most emphatically do thank them!)  Then yesterday, I heard from Women’s Studio Workshop. The waiting list for this class was full, so we added a second, earlier duplicate; it will run from June 28 – July 2nd.  Best of all: the same thing happened with Abby Uhteg’s class (scroll down to #3), so she’ll have a second class at the same time. An extra week at WSW plus a reunion: excellent!  (Tip: if you’d like to join us, sign up fast!) I’m also teaching a shorter version of the class at the Morgan Conservatory, July 31- August 1st. (Not online yet, but you can register.)

It does means a week less on a lot of production and prep that needs to be finished before I hit the summer road, and that time will also be interrupted for a quick trip to install a fast-upcoming show that my co-exhibitor and I hammered out together over the weekend.  Between June 25 and September 25, I will only be home for a total of 15 days; the longest single stretch will be 6 days.  Whew!  I added a group show to the mix (two pieces, do-able) and then today, a curator contacted me and… I added on another. But this one is winter – through-spring, sounds great, and is in a state I’ve not exhibited in.  I’m not sure what’s causing this sudden deluge of good things, but I’m feeling mightily grateful.

Actually, I do know partially what is happening; I’ve finally segued into being a full-time artist again after having the bulk of my time absorbed by academe in one form or another for twenty years.  It’s a very different world out here now; cyberspace has changed everything.  In spite of a significant increase in admin (somehow, while I was immersed in institutions, dealing with piles of it daily, I didn’t realize how much the art portion had grown), I absolutely think it’s for the better. (Apropos of that observation, I finally managed to re-vamp my artist’s statement while curators waited, and got it onto the site. Though I still much prefer this).