A grateful, cheerful Crow

My summer schedule is still hopping around like so many drops of water on a hot greased skillet. One late summer show has been pushed back and has turned into an early fall one; but the work will still need to be shipped at the same time as previously planned because of my schedule.  It may become necessary to drive straight home from my PBI class in Maine and then fly back to Cleveland for my Morgan class four days later. But some things are solidified and written in stone: two classes at WSW, two weeks at PBI, class at the Morgan, a Ragdale residency, and now, these:

Listening: Melissa Jay Craig and Pamela Paulsrud (with  ‘Premiering Print Portfolio’, a group exhibition of printmakers) June 4 – July 30 at The Morgan Conservatory, Cleveland, Ohio

Interior Markings, July 1 – August 8, Abecedarian Gallery, Denver, Colorado

The Book As Sculpture: Thomas Allen, Melissa Jay Craig, Brian Dettmer, Daniel Essig, Andrew Hayes, Shawn Sheehy,  Mike Stilkey and Francesca Vitali,  August 13 – September 25, Guenzel Gallery, Peninsula School of Art, Door County, Wisconsin

I’m so happy about the show at the Morgan! First, just to be showing there with Pamela Paulsrud, but also because it will be the first (and probably the only) time all 99 copies of (S)Edition are exhibited together. (This probably doesn’t mean much to anyone but me; but I’ve stubbornly held off selling any of them until I could see them all together.)  The galleries at the Morgan are huge, and I will have several other works in the show as well; Pamela will be showing her cymatics series and some amazing other works.

I’m excited about the Guenzel show too; I’ll be traveling up to Wisconsin to do an installation for it, and I am also (again) in excellent company.  Plus, I’ve got to love that curatorial view, (and after more than 20 years in Chicago, I’ve never yet been to Door County). And, Marking Time will be at the Cincinnati Public Library this summer, and traveling on to Pennsylvania and New Hampshire yet as well. And, so far, four more great shows coming up later in the year, including a solo exhibition.  I’m lucky  (and I’d better get back to work)!

PS: while I’ve been tied to the computer, scheduling things like mad, I finally put a new version of the lost Respite show page back up.  That show deserved to live on.

PSS: AND an in-person reunion this summer with Aimee Lee  at the Morgan in Cleveland – she’s getting almost there with her fundraising but still needs your help. You can do that for as little as $11 and you’ll get some of your own Hanji to boot.  Or, take her class at the Morgan! Better yet: do both. (You can bet I’d be in that class if it weren’t for installing the Wisconsin show. Oh: take my class, too!)