Lack o’ blahg may continue for bit, and photos will have to do for most of today’s.  I am deep into the final, final stages of (S)Editioning and enjoying it immensely; 9 books done, 18 to go. Thankfully, the admin has slowed to a manageable daily trickle (knock on wood! I know it’s temporary, but I am in willful denial*).

Best of all: JE Baker and Cecile Webster, who both volunteered to be my assistants, are absolutely fantastic! They both came over last week, I showed them how I have been casting the “stems” and now they are ON it, while I finish the hand-shaping and ‘binding’ of the books themselves.  This is so great!

People have periodically offered to assist me before, but because my processes are so odd and my working and private time was so limited for so long, I was never quite able or willing to figure out how to have that happen. But this is working beautifully, and has me thinking a lot about the future.  Thanks, ladies!

Now, off to start the next nine books (making nine at a time gives me a perfect rotation of drying times). The truck shows up sometime next week, to haul the bulk of the work off  to the Morgan.

*As soon as I wrote that, an e-mail popped in with more . Which must be done tomorrow, o’ course.

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