I lost two and a half days to nonstop, painstaking, unavoidable admin last week, and two nights of sleep as well.  The Team came Friday and knocked out an unprecedented ten stems while I kept them supplied with fresh sheets, re-stuffed molds, more supports. They just rocked. Today begins the final everything:  beating a final short load of fiber for the remaining stems, beginning the ‘binding’ of the final nine books, and then the final finishing of the stems. Perhaps, also, the final round of jokes about their shapes, though I tend to doubt that. I’ll be driving to Ohio, so I can haul whatever isn’t done when the truck gets here; there were no cheap-enough airfares to be found. It will be very, very good to be earning money soon.

Perhaps foolishly, I took on another exhibition, an installation.  It will occur during what was my only remaining quiet month of 2010, October.  But: it was so unique and so intriguing that I could not refuse.  Didn’t even think of it.  Really want to do it.  And the timing was sort of perfect…for anything but being quiet.  And that’s how I get this way. I really, really hope I can get to the garden before I take off for the summer’s teaching…

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