The (S)Edition books are completed! I finished the 99th (the last of the 27 remaining copies) at midnight on Thursday; yesterday morning, they went off to the Morgan, along with the rest of the show.  Tom Balbo drove in with his oversized van, we loaded up my portion of the show at home and at my warehouse / storage space, and then went up to Pam’s, where we re-arranged it all to fit in her works, large and small.  Today, tomorrow and Friday, the newly expanded Team is still making 10-12 more stems, while I finish them all off, and the entire final  load o’ stems will travel with me next week.

Tom got right back on the freeway (and made it back to the Morgan safely), and I stayed at Pam’s for a bit to finish a new contribution to Treewhispers, and Pam also generously gave me a brief taste of the energy work she does, something new in my experience.  It made a noticeable (but difficult to describe) difference.  I came home and took the most delicious long nap ever.  Today, I am very, very aware of how sore my body is, and that’s made me determined to get serious about addressing the damage it’s sustained over the past few years.

Every 21st century moment documented…

During the final push to get the books done, Chicago shot from unusually cool spring weather to July; a couple of days of 90F-plus temperatures and intense humidity; I had every fan we own either on the work or on me.  By this weekend we will be back in May again, in the mid-70s, and I am so looking forward to two mild days in the wildly overgrown gardens. Friend Shawn has just bought a lovely wee house; he’s coming by to help thin them, and the thinnings will also begin his gardens. I love how that worked out.

The first of a whole lot o’ red roses appeared today, as if to celebrate (S)Edition.

Then, off to the Morgan to install. A bit sadly, I’ve just learned that though the show opens on June 4, the reception was scheduled later in the month. I doubt that I’ll be able to go back for it.  Regardless, finally seeing all 99 copies of (S)Edition together will be a monumental personal experience for me; a watershed. From that point onward, I will now always be making new work.  Hooray!

3 thoughts on “Whew!

  1. YAY!!! AMAZING. amazing! insane! tom coming to pick them up, the piece being done, so close to a full installation, and a new garden for shawn! LOVE the news.

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