(S)Edition is finished!  I did the detail work on the 99th stem shortly before midnight last night.  (Cecile and JE, the power duo, came yesterday and knocked out six extra stems, which will be dry and finished tomorrow, but they’re extras, so I’m saying it’s finished). (S)Edition is finished!

It’s 34 months since I began production, and just about two weeks short of three years since I began the structural experiments at MACA, and the time period stretches even longer in terms of development and accompanying research.  Last night, while enjoying a commemorative dram of the good stuff, I counted back; of those three years, about seven months have been spent working intensely on (S)Edition, and another three working here and there whenever I could.  There was also the decision not to work on it last summer; I desperately needed to make new work at that time. If I ever decide to do something like this again, I now know I can very likely accomplish it in a year, working at a sane pace (if that is possible for me).

And it’s been one…freakin’…hell of a three-year period.  I thought of listing the most intense highs and lows, from the melting of our house to the arrival of the bronze beater, but you know: it was enough just to think of it for myself.  This is a lovely, lovely milestone; the rest is water over the dam.  Now I’m off to a day in the garden, packing and finishing those extra stems tomorrow, and then heading to Ohio to finally see what I dreamed of three years ago.  One final, somehow comfortable thought: Blahg essentially began as (S)Edition did; it’s been a constant companion piece.  Thanks for coming along with me!

Another wee milestone: about three years ago, I found a little peony plant growing among the weeds at the side of the garage, and transplanted it (peonies don’t like that). It’s just beginning to bloom for the first time. (It’s a deeper magenta than this photo shows).

2 thoughts on “Milestone

  1. major and wee, milestones all. congratulations, melissa. for me–renewal in that i’m gardening again. just a little, but good. blog friends are inspiration.

  2. YAY!!!! i wish i had better words for it. but i am so deeply happy for you. and also got word that someone signed up for BOTH our morgan classes this summer! hard to believe it has really been 3 years. for some reason your time at maca still seems so recent. i was just telling someone about your tick story there–ah, yes, michael in london as we walked thru hampstead heath and he talked about them w/their claws open, ready to fasten to anything coming by. what a ride.

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