I’m back in Chicago now, as of late this afternoon. I was so immersed in images, in the flow of images throughout space, that I did not feel wordy enough to blog or even post to Facebook; but I had a mighty fine time.  I stayed with old poet/ artist/ publisher friends Smith and Lady K in their airy aerie, the third floor of a big old brick Victorian on the edge of Tremont. It was comfortable, easy and fun, and thankfully as odd as ever, too – and therefore the perfect antidote to the hard but lovely work in the gallery. (Smith even put up images of the show faster than me!)  And, once again, I slowed down and stayed an extra afternoon and night; good for me. I thank you both hugely.

John and Bruce with the Premiering Print Portfolio show.

I want to thank Pam for doing the show with me, and for patiently and supportively answering hectic text messges while she was up in the woods with her family, and I also absolutely thank the great crew at the Morgan: Tom, Bruce, John, Spencer, Susan, Lauren and everyone else. Each time I go back there and experience more of the place I am more and more impressed in multifaceted ways.  It’s bustling along, and it has the same excellent feel to it as Women’s Studio Workshop, or of my time working with Marilyn Sward at the original Center. Just like at WSW, everyone gets together for a shared lunch each day, things click and work – a lot of work – gets done and yet it’s relaxed, friendly, always incredibly interesting and funny at the same time.  I loved having my work there for a number of other reasons, too, and these admirable aims are one of them:

Last (for tonight) but decidedly not least, I loved working within and interacting with that space.  It’s a fine example of Cleveland’s post-post-industrial gritty elegance, and that is forever my ‘hood, it’s bred in the bone; the Morgan and all its excellent goals and practices are its unique future, and they’ve let me be a part of that.  Between the Smiths and the Morgan, I did a lot of thinking about my Cleveland origins and how my past plays into my own future as well, but that’s Another Blog.

The kozo garden has doubled!  Plants that were up to my waist last year are now over my head – and there are dye plants, herbs and strawberries, too.

Oh! And here is the show.  See what I mean?

This wee hearty kozo plant is now in my back yard.

4 thoughts on “Listening

  1. it was our joy to host you. and in true Jungian synchronicity, an hour after you left we saw your Marty friend from the 1980s at the West Side Market.

    you hung a great show.

  2. ps – last night we watched the documentary on chicago afrtist henry darger that peter recommended. it is definitely worth watching – i’m impressed and amazed and a little uneasy over him. he may be an “innocent” in folk’s eyes but his mind story is twisted and extraordinarily violent.

  3. The Morgan sounds fabulous, and I’m jealous that you can get kozo to grow in the backyard. We’re going to finally plant our shallots and get the greenhouse up today, as we’ve got an extra set of hands (the brother-in-law is visiting) to wrangle the construction.

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