I am frantically finishing the packing for my six-weeks-on-the-road, four-classes-in-three-states-tour…I hit that road tomorrow.  It will be SO lovely to be back on the Binne at Women’s Studio Workshop, to see some of Maine, to reconnect with Aimee at the Morgan, and to meet new folks in my classes and Make Things together.  Still, I’m a tad conflicted at leaving, and was sad when I shut my wee studio down for the duration earlier this week.

But  no time, so few words today, but some links:

Jeff Chiplis Is Home!  And Smith has the scoop, along with links to his TV interviews. (I am still coughing badly, so hopefully will visit a stronger Jeff in August).

I meant to tell you about Tatana Kellner’s installation at the Kentler International Drawing Space in Brooklyn, but that got pushed out of my brain by the shock of Jeff’s shooting.  However, she’s just been featured in PS1’s Studio Visit.  I saw and was totally intrigued by some of her flax bread when I visited in March. Have a look!

Oh, and PS2: Gallery Shoal Creek has just put up a lovely series of web pages on Paper 2, its upcoming September exhibition.  I’m very pleased to be included, and to be heading back down to Austin at the end of the summer for the reception.