Helter Swelter

Some samples in a hot studio window…

On Saturday, when I wrote the last blog, the outdoor thermometer read 45 degrees when I woke up; during the day, it climbed into the 90s.  For the past three days, temperatures have been between 98 and 100 degrees, and it’s humid and sticky with it.  That’s making the second workshop, which began yesterday, a bit tougher.  It’s cooler in the paper studio; there is an immediate , intense difference when you walk in or out.  But the five women in the last workshop were able to spread out, to work outdoors as well as inside (especially when pounding kozo). For six women making sculpture plus the paper for the sculpture plus treating the paper and mixing the dyes indoors in the same space, it’s a tad cramped.  Still, everyone has been working hard and there are some mighty promising test pieces drying in the studio tonight, which I forgot to shoot after doing my slide talk (mercifully, held upstairs in the air-conditioned silkscreen studio and not in the Rosendale arts center).  In addition to the heat, having the noise from two other classes added into the mix is difficult for my ears, and I’m a bit crankier, bristlier. In spite of it all, it’s looking like a good class, and I think (hope!) it will go well for everyone.  We are supposed to get rain tomorrow and then it will cool a bit for the final two days. Whew!

I shot this two-inch long bug in the light of a wee LED flashlight held in my mouth.

Last night, I gave up being stoic and turned on the window air conditioning unit in my apartment, mostly to dehumidify it.  That was an immediate relief, and the pace on the things I’m working on in the evenings (for other obligations) picked up immediately, or at least accelerated from a stupefied crawl to slow but steady. I was able to wrap up and ship out two things this morning.  But, I am still behind, and I’ll be working hard in and out of class till I leave for Maine, and probably will need to keep working in the evenings during the first PBI session. I am cursing myself a bit for all the overbooking, fully aware that  I have no one else to blame…

Thanks to Heather Bella for pointing me to the site this came from; it cracks me up (though I wish I had been credited for having my artwork chopped into the shape of New York State.  However,  if you steal the image from the site, I am in the file name).  And: this show opened last Friday at Abecedarian in Denver, and Marking Time opened yesterday in Cincinnati, Ohio.  I’ve also heard that there was mention of Listening in the Cleveland newspaper, with photo, in an “advertorial” – but as yet, no one has reviewed it. A bit disappointing, except one must take into account that none of the regular small Cleveland publications are running art reviews any more.  Sigh. And now: more cold water, bed, and (still) dreaming of a vacation somewhere, a real one. Somewhere balmy, with cool breezes.

Rosendale sidewalk; last year, there was a chalk monster in the very same place.

Last year, when I was spending much more time alone in the woods here, I did not see a single deer.  This year, I have had three beautiful does leap out of the woods in front of my car so far. I’ve been grateful for my agile Subaru…it’s startling!

3 thoughts on “Helter Swelter

  1. your class sounds intense and wonderful, melissa. i am a little bit jittery about pbi–expectations vs. ability to be out in public and not be a fool is part of it.

  2. omg, i can’t imagine teaching in this heat (soon i won’t have to imagine anymore, i’ll just have to DO it–i was looking at the type cases this morning and already got my first mosquito bite of the day! grr), but i am REALLY glad you broke down and turned on a/c to get evening work done. i could NOT do my evening work at home w/o that a/c unit.

    RAIN!! we have to do a rain dance. and that “advertorial”–i’ve never heard of such a thing! but lots of people saw it in the sunday plain dealer, including my hosts when i came downstairs that morning. all of your concerns are echoed here about small press not covering art anymore. but we got the marking time catalog and everyone would exclaim when seeing your piece, to say, “look! OUR melissa!”

    hopefully by the time you arrive, the heat wave will be over. but tom and i were talking the other day about how we really prefer making paper in the winter 🙂

  3. i knew that was your art right away from the little colored cusp cups rising roundly up.

    there is no art coverage in this town. i’d start reviewing but i’d tick too many folk off because i[‘ve been around too long, seen too much, and ain’t impressed with a lot – plus i’m a curmudgeon, which don;t help the social reviewing skills.

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