Good, and Tired

One day of sizing, then

three days of traditional Japanese dyes:

I truly, truly enjoyed Tatiana Ginsberg’s class.  I am so glad I was in the morning session to be there when the dyes and mordants were prepared.  It was all so seductive, in color and in process, and Tatiana is the kind of excellent teacher who is fascinated with the processes herself, who passes that on.

PBI is half over now.  My class began this morning. I am, as always,  too-many-options Craig, and it was an incredibly productive day.  I took no photos (no time) and I am going to have to sit on the materials, we are already in danger of running out, even with the extra I have already added and am adding to the mix tomorrow from my own supplies. Total enthusiasm!  I’m lovin’ it.

This is a portion of what happened in the first session classes; so much that I couldn’t fit it into a single shot.

This is, again, only a portion of the attendance.  PBI is all rather amazing.

Yesterday was ‘excursion day’ and I slipped away with Nancy M (though the morning and evening were spent setting up the classroom, deciding how it could work best for all, and cramming in a wee bit of last-minute supply shopping).

This wide, long perfect quarter-moon slice of a ‘beach’ is made mostly of jasper, smooth, tumbled, beautifully variegated colorful stones thrown up and stacked by the tide, in big hills that were tricky to walk, like piles of ball bearings.  It’s the end of a rocky pine-clad cove opening wide, out into the Atlantic, and supposedly one of only two such beaches on the planet.

We filled our pockets, and once again I breathed along with the thrum of the sea, my heartbeat aligned with its pull.  Thick cool delicious fog rolled in, lifted, and was followed by more, blanketing us in its not-quite-liquid.

I am, I hope, done with my extra evening work now, and won’t be so continually exhausted after today (at least while I’m here).  I hope  for news tomorrow or the next day that might let me stay for a few days, even while knowing that it’s improbable.  Just in case, I also ate ‘the best blueberry pie in Maine’, delicious, not sweet.  I will stay over at least one day, and get me a lobster, too, and at least another whole day of ocean love.

We doubled back around and drove out to the point to see what this gathering of vessels was about; lobster being unloaded.  Below: just majestic, that fog waiting to come in.  It’s delicious and cool on the skin when it rolls in slow and gentle, and speaks to me of Scotland on the other side.

One thought on “Good, and Tired

  1. the pictures are so yummy. i LOVE that you had non-sweet blueberry pie. i can’t wait until you get here–i feel like not a day passes w/o me giving a tour of your show and explaining as best i can. today i was too busy but an old friend of yours came in to see the show. he’s a tall guy; that’s as much as i know.

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