another planet

When I was young, I was quite taken by a book titled From The Mixed-Up Files of Mrs. Basil E. Frankweiler.  I guess it later became a movie.  It was about two kids who ran away from home to live in the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

I am feeling a very strong connection to that book tonight. I drove all afternoon and evening back to Cleveland, and then Tom opened up the drive-in ramp to his building, gave me the security codes, and showed me around “my” floor.  I’m staying here for the next four days. It’s big enough to fit in six of my old Pilsen studios (later Vespine Gallery) and it is crammed full of excellent, odd, curious stuff…I think I counted four full-sized dining tables and I didn’t bother to try counting couches, lounges, divans…this is a tiny tiny tiny taste (and I’m not even showing you the paper studio). Yes, that green and red thing above is an etching press, not in use, surrounded just in that corner by nipping presses, lying presses, hand-carved printing blocks, giant wheels and gears, vintage machines whose use i can only guess at, masks…and more, a whole lot more…there are four floors like this!

Kathe Kollwitz!!!

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