Breather (sort of)

A book of handmade lace swatches that Susan Kelley showed us at the Morgan; it came over to the US with a friend’s ancestors. I thought I would show it for knitters / spinners / crocheters.  I don’t do that, but was still fascinated.

The first two days home, Tuesday and Wednesday, I took delicious afternoon naps in addition to sleeping till I woke…but when I attempted that again on Thursday I woke after about 15 minutes, which seemed to me to indicate that I had finally caught up on sleep.  That was surprisingly fast. It’s so good to be home, to be with Paul and Lupe, even though it is decidedly temporary and I don’t really feel like I’m back in Chicago, nor do I have the time or energy to properly re-enter; that will have to wait till October.  I’ll be gone again in three days, and I’m as busy as usual setting up the next shows: e-mailing and e-mailing and e-mailing, doing final editing and admin (when I first saw this post, I said, “Oh, I don’t think I’ll have 50 feet” – but I nearly do: 48.), booking plane tickets, a haircut and shopping for rental trucks, estimating shipping schedules and costs, hooking up with two lovely hostesses and an interviewer, and trying to find shipping containers that might remotely fit the work (but, it looks as though I will be building boxes out of other boxes yet again)…all things I could sure use a permanent assistant to help with, if I could only afford to pay someone. And so it goes.

Though you can barely see it, I finally upgraded the scale in my studio; its first job was to weigh out this gorgeous homegrown Iowa kozo from Tim B, via Tom; I traded some Thai kozo for it and can’t wait to use it.  I got the better part of the deal and I’m sure Tom knew that! Because he’s great.

I will be sooo glad to land at Ragdale: soon, very soon!  Yes, I’ll be working there, but I know that working on my own work exclusively is as restorative as all those naps put together. And I will stay in one place for an entire month, too.

In all the rushing around, I forgot to tell you that this early piece above will now become a part of Special Collections in the Penrose Library at University of Denver; many thanks to Alicia.  And I’ve been very pleased to have received some lovely e-mails and photos from folks who were in the summer’s classes, and a wonderful snail mail piece, too.  A couple of folks have blogged very nice things about the classes and/ or shown some of the work they made; here are posts from Velma, Margaret’s brand-new blog and photos of Merike’s ambitious book.  Thanks, thanks, and thanks!

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