Life Intervenes (blog suspension)

Where I left it.

Here are photos I took on Wednesday and Thursday in Wisconsin, when I went up to install at Peninsula School of Art.  Door County was beautiful (though crowded with the summer tourists it is famed for and by), the gallery space, the curator and staff were all wonderful, and my hostess was lovely; I had a good time (and the show looked great).

Guenzel Gallery

Yet, I woke Thursday morning with an overwhelming desire to just finish my installation and drive straight home. I had planned to stay, to be a tourist myself for a day, and to attend Friday’s opening. Instead, I acted on that inexplicable pull; I finished installing in the early afternoon, said goodbye, and hit the road.

And so, I was home on Friday the 13th, and able to help when an instantaneous life-change occurred for someone I love, in the form of a medical event.  I’m suspending the blog indefinitely (a week?  a month? I don’t know…) to continue doing that.