we now resume our irregular broadcast

Photo: Peninsula School of Art

I’m back. The folks at Peninsula School of Art sent these photos of the current Book As Sculpture show and its opening. It’s nice to see it all finished and to see some works that were not yet installed when I left. The gallery put our artists’ statements and info onto open books attached to the walls and / or pedestals.

Shawn Sheehy’s pop-up book pages with corresponding prototypes. Photo: Peninsula School of Art

There’s not much I will say about what recently occurred in the personal realm, except that it was huge, and requires ongoing adjustment. Also, a great deal of good luck was involved and things are essentially quite well, in a “this-could-have-been-SO-much-worse” way. I thank all my friends who sent private messages: it helped during the worst of it, very much.

Dan Essig. Photo: Peninsula School of Art

So it’s a little like my own plans were a jar of sand that was picked up and shaken; it’s all still there, but its topography has been reconfigured.  I did not go to Ragdale as planned; instead, I’ll have my month-long residency in the late fall. I had to change the ending date of a show to be able to do that, but it all worked out well (thanks, Regin and Carey). I got the Texas show packed and shipped out at the very last minute; the good folks at Gallery Shoal Creek are installing around where the work will be till it arrives. They also made this nice page about the work and gave a lovely shout-out to the Morgan (thanks, Judy).

I love this image of appropriately dressed people with Mike Stilkey’s work. Photo: Peninsula School of Art

Before the new residency, I’ll have work in this show, which is work from the museum’s permanent collection (so all I need to do is attend the opening: lovely). I’ll be in another show to celebrate a new book arts studio in Chicago, in the upcoming benefit auction at the Morgan, and I will be doing an exciting site-specific installation which  I’ll wait to tell you about till it’s announced. Just before I head to Ragdale, the slightly re-scheduled solo show will open, and last but not least: I am offering a few fall workshops and a six-week class at Evanston Paper and Print.

Me, Dan Essig, Mike Stilkey. Photo: Peninsula School of Art

And that’s that.  With the bulk of the recent crisis over and all the rearranging taken care of, I’ve nearly three full weeks to go before I head down to Austin, then back to Door county. So today I’m finally finishing the unpacking (I’d left a lot packed in anticipation of the now re-scheduled residency; it was to begin last week) and getting ready to get back into my own studio…ahhhhh…

One of Brian Dettmer’s book excavations. Photo: Peninsula School of Art

3 thoughts on “we now resume our irregular broadcast

  1. omg, that made me dizzy just reading. it’s amazing how much you have going on, in EVERY SINGLE realm of your life! still sending lots of good energy your way.

  2. wow, melissa, this is exhausting. but i love the photos of the installation of sculptural books. wish i could have seen that. take care of yourself. please.

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