Where was I?

I’m just not very blog or even internet-inclined at the moment.  This is a good thing in many ways, but not for this century, which I haven’t really succumbed to anyways, because I do not Twitter nor follow tweets.  All I’m capable of are these occasional blog honks and a quick toot or two on Facebook.

We’re still adjusting to our recent changes in major and minor ways. We will be for a good while to come. In the professional realm, I’m struggling with decisions to be made very soon between three directly conflicting opportunities that all appeared at once.

Earlier in the week, when I thought everything had finally calmed down, I took some time to make a couple of small studio improvements I’d been meaning to get to, like sealing an old drawing bench that is now a small couching table.  Then, Wednesday morning, a six-foot wide shelf in my office (which, I admit, was overloaded, mostly with heavy books) suddenly ripped out of the wall and came crashing down on me, my desk, computer, printer and scanner. Nothing was damaged, save for a smashed coffee cup (fortunately it and the coffee were flung to the floor), a scratch on the cover of the scanner, and some oddly placed bruises on me.  Oh, and gaping holes in the walls, where the major metal anchors had secured the shelf brackets for several years. The worst was that flying books knocked things off walls and strewed stacks of carefully sorted papers across the room. So, there was nothing for it; on Friday I began a temporary rehab to last through the fall and winter, and I did it up right, turned the whole room out. Today was the fun part: rearranging and hanging artwork. All that’s left is dusting the summer’s accumulation off the way-too-many books.

I took breaks for visits from friends during it all, and also managed to cook some Iowa kozo.  So, tomorrow, when everyone in the US who has a job heads back to it, I’ll head into kozoland…after the morning’s other errands.