Nine Nine Ten, Nine Ten Ten

I had a fine, relatively leisurely-paced birthday yesterday, with lots o’ love coming from and going back out to folks in real-time, facebook, e-mail, text messages and paper mail.  It felt good, nothing but good. Though we’re still in pesky mercury retrograde and unexpected events had me late to lunch with friend and fellow nine-niner Jamie and her son Bean, and my camera battery died after the second photo, those things didn’t mar the day.

Since I was originally supposed to be at Ragdale, we three went there for a long lovely prairie walk (with a giggly stop at the swinging bridge; you should always have a 4 ½ half year old along to traverse one of those) and tons o’ goodwill; it was just lovely to see everyone and it left me feeling warm, happy and fulfilled.  I also delivered some work for an upcoming show, and chose and sketched and measured an installation space (and an alternate) for a site-specific piece coming up soon, did an hour or two of exploring on my own, and spent a fine evening with Paul, making plans.

For some reason, today was just a nothing day, maybe because the weather has changed and is so much cooler.  I relaxed, which was good, but couldn’t really get moving on anything, so I gave in to complacent non-accomplishment.  It’s more than OK to do that occasionally, but so very unusual in my world. Tomorrow, back to it.

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