Tangential Convergences

Still in an odd state here (not necessarily Illinois, though it is odd), with no concrete artwork done, though lots of planning, sketching, brainstorming and plotting continues to take place.  It’s amazing to me that it’s been just over a month already since the big changes suddenly began at home; they still seem incredibly fresh, awkwardly new, and so they continue to claim an enormous amount of our attention.

Monday I took a small plunge in a (temporary) new direction; tomorrow, we take a much larger permanent plunge; though its direction won’t change, the surrounding circumstances will.  (Yes, I’m being cryptic). And then, on Thursday, I fly to Texas for this, which will plunge me back into the world and hopefully prepare me to return to the artwork that’s been suspended while dealing with all these  tangential but important things.

Letterpress cuts from friend Elisabeth’s Sign of the Owl Press; I visited last Sunday.

Birthday convergences continue on as well: also oddly but very happily, in the past few days, three old friends I thought I had perhaps lost suddenly popped back into my life; a fine extended reunion is happening very soon with one of them.

And today, I got this big, heavy box.  Its delivery  would have been a complete surprise, except for a frantic and hysterically funny e-mail two days ago, with the header, “Warning!  Please Read!  Personal Note, Not Some Spam Fwd Thingy!”  The warning was, “When you get it, please open it right away and open it OUTSIDE!”  The box contained a motherlode of black walnut hulls, and some of this years’ crop inside still-green husks were found to contain little chartreuse-colored worms –  after my surprise package had been sent.  Yep, I did get  some wormy ones, but there was still a huge bag of viable hulls, enough to make several lovely big lots of dye.  I’ve left the others out in an open plastic crate in the back yard, for Chicago’s squirrels and weather to process for me over the winter.  Thanks, Jo!

Last but not least:  This new space is opening this weekend in Chicago; though it’s not listed on the site, it’s featuring an informal, ongoing show of sketchbooks and preparatory drawings which I contributed to (and hope to see when I return).

3 thoughts on “Tangential Convergences

  1. big changes, big changes. season changes! everything whooshing forward. i LOVE that walnut package! i was just talking to the folks here the other day about my harvest 4 years ago that was full of maggots. time for me to go steam more milkweed. it’s cooling down. i love that you’ll get to texas soon.

  2. I’m drooling over those black walnuts: the brown wool I’m spinning to knit up at Ragdale is almost the exact colour I would get if I had dyed white fleece with these.

    Even though you’ve not been formally making art, you’re laying groundwork, and that, I’ve been told, is actually more important.

    The new space sounds like a blast, and I’ve added it to my list of groovy places to check out.

  3. You’re welcome, my pleasure to send you buggy nuts.

    oh, but they’ve only just *started* to come down! I was wondering how many made how much dye. I thought it was a rather small box compared to what’s laying around… there’s plenty more let me know what to do with them..i don’t want to send you three tons of them to store. Guess im making up… I didn’t realize it had been 2 years since i first promised them, sorry!

    the bugs are the larvae of the husk fly, which must be those clouds of tiny white fluffy critters hovering over all the splattered remains. i much prefer them in their winged form.

    Linda you are more than welcome to uproot these bloody trees (including the squirrels) and transplant them in canada, if you can get them a visa. But til then, if you can hook up w/melissa when you’re @ Ragdale i can ship an extra box or two to Chicago! (i don’t know if i could ship to canada-do they stop husk flies at the border?)

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