Fast Forward Fall

September closed out and the first bit of October began with one of the strangest five-day runs of technology screw-ups I’ve experienced in a long while, and it wasn’t just me.  I lost my text phone for three days, and of course its battery died.  Someone sent me a text, had their phone immediately die, borrowed another and sent the text again only to have that phone die as well.  Three different people got lost on the way to our house; one, an old friend coming in from out-of-town, actually gave up and spent the night in his car in a parking lot east of here (while I stayed awake till 2am, worrying)…his phone had died, too.  E-mails and a job application went missing, and due to it all, carefully timed schedules basically exploded.  Amazingly, almost everything got done anyways, though I did miss some folks who were passing through, and a chance to be present when my old Critter was fired up for the first time. Perhaps my astrology friend will read this and come up with a celestial explanation for those five days.

I did have a great three-day visit with my old friend (really, family: we’ve known each other for well over 30 years, and for many of those, he was my contact-in-case-of-emergency person)… once he arrived. I kept the workload to a minimum during that time; it had been over two years since we’d seen each other.  He and Paul get on well, and it felt like a holiday. I even cooked. Twice!

Good things happened: an interview for an article which will be out soon, a nice surprise description of one of my pieces by Audrey in an interview of hers (which brought a lot of website and blahg traffic), Gallery Shoal Creek in Texas is keeping the (S)Edition installation up till the end of the year even though Paper 2 is over, and the spring event is definitely happening and will allow me to hook up with another old friend, too.

I spent yesterday, today and most of tonight at Ragdale in lovely fall weather, doing my installation for House, Dreaming.  Those are two of my pink foam insulation crates on the porch. I chose the workroom of Alice’s suite, and am pleased with what happened…it was a great opportunity to sort-of translate my experience of Ragdale, and a treat to work in the house. Three other installations are up, and I’m eager to see the whole house transformed on Saturday. I’m finished and, thanks to permission from Lake Forest Open Lands, I also harvested a nice pile of both green and field-retted milkweed, currently residing in my car overnight.

Tomorrow, errand-running early, beating cotton and cooking daylily and packing up for Saturday’s Portable Papermaking class at Evanston Print & Paper (oh, and laundry); Saturday: teach all day, pack up, and head to Ragdale for the House, Dreaming reception.  After that, things calm down a bit, till this:

Thanks to Carey Watters for a great job on the postcard design!  Here’s the info.

2 thoughts on “Fast Forward Fall

  1. i have to say it has been a STRANGE strange time, all around. but i’m glad you’ve emerged fairly unscathed though a little discombobulated. hooray for milkweed!!!

  2. another hurrah for milkweed! you sound happily busy. wish i could see ragdale and the upcoming show. i *may* be processing milkweed this weekend.

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