Rambling quietly on

We’re really into the fall color now; I think this week was the watershed, the peak.  The cool air smells wonderful permeated by the essence of fallen leaves. And the taxes are done (which, since I’ve deferred them till October for lo, these many years, is a seasonal if pedestrian ritual).  Having that out of the way lets me breathe this lovely fall air a bit more deeply.

I’m sad about one thing that’s falling, though; Paul is having our big blue spruce taken down tomorrow…I guess it’s reached the point where it’s damaging the roof.  I will sorely miss it, and the privacy and shade and shelter from the wind it gave, and its green all winter. I scheduled a haircut while it’s all happening…I don’t want to watch.

I’m working on a couple of book-ish projects with the milkweed; I made a batch of sheets yesterday, air-dried them and will make more tomorrow.  The books wanted gossamer-like pages, so I decided to see how thin I could make milkweed go. It did beautifully with my new little sugeta and a vat that barely seemed to have fiber in it at all.  After two days with tax forms, I was in a mood that made hand beating it, um, enthusiastically quite an easy task. I’m very pleased with the results, it worked out better than the fiber I’d originally thought  to use, and is quite, quite tough. It’s adding its own twist to the books, physically and conceptually. Here is a sheet below, on my orange desk over a pile of quarters. More harvesting is in order. Soon.

So today I got new harvesting shears, and poplar. I am liking the sugeta so much that I’m building a couple more in different sizes, and some new smaller deckle boxes for my small studio, too, while I flesh out odd new plans that are hovering around the edges of my consciousness.

Ragdale with big work in the big studio, in exactly four weeks.  Lots of rather pleasant stuff to do before then, including the solo show and several experiments for a proposal I’m submitting…a rare thing these abundant days, when good things continue to happen without my asking.

6 thoughts on “Rambling quietly on

  1. isn’t milkweed great for the super-thin sheets? i was really happy w/mine. i’m glad we three (w/velma) all got a good fall fix of milkweed this season.

    SO SAD about the tree. it can’t just be cut back?! poor thing. i’m always sad when another big old tree goes down b/c people (and their buildings) get in the way. sigh.

  2. my first adventure gathering milkweed was on skis, on top of deep snow, using my pack basket. i hauled it home, peeled it on my kitchen floor, cooked, and used my home grown tororo. i have a few gray sheets of that batch left, treasures. i can’t wait to see how the book(s) become.

  3. When I gathered this batch, my old shears fell apart on the first stem…I ended up hacking them down with half a shear, since I was 40 miles away from home. I envy all the milkweed right near you, Velma.
    The tree is now a stump, and that will be removed as well, soon.
    I am sad. Also contemplating what to plant in its place that will do what it did but will never have to be cut down…

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