Good Hauls before (a sort of) Long Haul

Chicago had fantastic skies earlier this week with incredible winds produced by the ‘Chiclone’; they were mesmerizing to watch as band after band after band of clouds swept by at an amazing speeds.  And I liked that wild wind, a lot: it made me feel like I was in Lewis or  the Orkneys.

One of Erin Cramer’s skeletal bird beasties in House, Dreaming’s haunted library.

It’s Halloween Friday night and I’m home, no parties. Paul now has the nasty cold I’m just barely finished with (though tonight my sinuses aren’t entirely convinced). I thought I’d do a quick blog now: tomorrow begins another flurry of activity that will continue on till I land at Ragdale in mid-November. It starts with both the House, Dreaming de-install and Samhain / Samhuinn / Halloween (and I still need to buy treats for the local tricksters). Then I zoom right on into combined deadlines and show prep (paperwork portions of which are also happening this weekend) to the show itself, with a class the day after the opening.

Shawn Decker’s sound installation room – I could hear it a bit, alone yesterday!

I went up to Ragdale yesterday after a slew of errands to visit friends who are in residence (saw one, missed another) and also to document the installation and to gather more milkweed stalks.  They’re pretty much dry and partially field-retted by now and a great deal of them had blown down during the windy days; but I got a good haul. I also got another great haul of black walnuts in the mail; two boxes full from Jo (thank you!).  I’m set for about a year or more of dye now, and more than enough fiber to make the third book in the series.  I wish my haul of photos from had been as good as those, but I made a web page of the installation anyways.

I also got an excellent haul of words.  The spring 2010 issue of Ampersand: The Journal of the Pacific Center for Book Arts has recently come out, and it includes an article about my work by Deborah Kogan. As any former student knows, I have a lot of regard for Ampersand, and I’m very pleased to be included.  I like the way Deb wove an extensive e-mail interview in and out of bits of things I’ve written on the site and in the blog. You can read it here (it takes awhile to load – it’s 9 pages long) or better yet, buy the issue (or subscribe) here.

A portion of Beth Reitmeyer’s installation, with words from Ragdale blue books.