Several Highs (and one big fat red low)

I’ll get the big fat low out of the way first: yesterday I woke up, went to the election results page for the Senate and then the House…and Illinois was red. Red! There was some small consolation when breaking the maps down to county level: I live in a tiny – but heavily populated – island of blue.  But I basically lost the entire day in a miserable funk that alarmed Paul a bit.

Since I can’t do one. damn. thing. about it except to continue to work for change, on to those lovely high points:

It’s been MJC Interview Week.  Not only did Deborah Kogan’s article come out in Ampersand, Steve Miller released his podcast interview (part of his series on Book Artists and Poets, which everyone says is excellent, but which I cannot hear) on Halloween (that delights me). And today, this incisive article by Stephanie Cristello came out in Chicago Art Magazine. (Links to all here).

It’s fun and odd to have these all appear at once, since the timespan of my involvement goes from eleven months to a few weeks ago.  It’s been surprising and enormously gratifying to have people actually ask me to share my perspective after a long period of experiencing quite the opposite…and this ain’t the end of it, either. I thank everyone involved, very much.

Linda Cunningham, aka my ‘mystery guest’ of a few blahgs ago, is on her way back home after a residency at Ragdale.  It was great to spend a day with her before she moved up to Lake Forest, and to see her several times during her stay, while I documented and de-installed my House, Dreaming piece.  I was gobsmacked (as she would put it) when she gave me this incredible piece of hers, a Shetland-style shawl titled Craobh/Tuinn (Tree/Wave). I can’t decide whether to hang it or to wear it…mostly, I’ve been petting it. It’s sooo soft and gorgeous. Thank you (& safe journey)!

Last but definitely not least: a big shout-out and congrats to Velma Bolyard, whose show opens tomorrow night in Potsdam, NY.  I wish I could be there!  And also to Pamela Paulsrud and the project she started years ago with Marilyn Sward, Treewhispers.  Pam recently went up to install at Nicolet College in Rhinelander, Wisconsin, where they shot this video … And also kudos and congrats to Susan Page Tillett who’s just written a new book about the Ragdale House, The Ragdale House Speaks, with photographs by Sarah Hadley; I really like this description of it.