I’m writing during my very last quiet moment: show installation begins in full-tilt physical earnest today, when I load the car for the first trip to Rockford very early in the morning; it’s 90 minutes away.  Then it’s completing a skin-of-the-teeth proposal deadline (if I make it; if), packing and at long, long last, after nine mad days: a month at Ragdale.  Whew.

I did take time off to do something highly unusual for me this past weekend: I went to  Riva Lehrer’s outstanding lecture at the Chicago Humanities Festival, ‘Beauty and Variation’.  Riva was joined by Norman Lieska, an associate professor of anatomy at UIC.  Usually I avidly avoid lectures, but the folks at the festival cheerfully reserved me a seat right in front, so I could read lips.  This worked and didn’t work for me: Riva was easy to understand, but Mr. Lieska was not. Fortunately, he had visuals I could interpret somewhat, having studied anatomy from an artist’s perspective.  I was very much engaged, and came away with bags of food for thought. I jotted down notes on the way home: expect a later blahg, during the slower, contemplative winter.  I couldn’t (of course) hear the audience questions, except for two from people who were seated quite near me, a woman whose question will begin my later blog, and…the singing professor!  His riff ended with a resounding, ‘Body does not want to explain!’ Perfect.

A big shout-out to Aimee Lee, who just posted her excellent video slideshow of the Hanji Studio construction at the Morgan!  So good to see this in retrospect, and to see so many Morgan friends, too. It’s also got me thinking about another possible fruit-of-labor project for the winter…thanks, Aimee.