I have landed…

Saturday afternoon, Sunday and Monday I pulled a detailed proposal out of my hat and got it into the post office fifteen minutes before closing.  It’s been a long, long time since I have done that.  I hope it appeals to the jury; I would dearly love to realize the project. Tuesday: massive disaster restoration (housecleaning) and tons of laundry. Wednesday: polish off the last bits of admin on my plate, and begin to pack.  I changed my ideas about what to bring to Ragdale, and decided to go minimal (well, minimal for me) for the first week to ten days: I packed a project I want to finish, and the things I need to finish it (besides the big space), plus an experiment.  While working on those, I’ll listen, and what wants to be made will reveal itself, tell me what it needs, and then I’ll go get it. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

(This is not from today).

So I have landed at Ragdale, with the month before me.  And I kid you not: Chicago has been overcast and grey for several days straight, including today, but when I pulled into the drive, the sun came out, stayed and lit the prairie with gold while I moved into the studio.

(And my floor is full of frogs).

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