Sunday studio

I realized last night that when I leave, I will have been at Ragdale during every month of the year.  Dark November skies are beautiful, the autumn scent of coming snow spicy, bracing, as is the brisk wind. The prairie is deceptive at this time of year, stark and muted in the long view, riotously vivid in detail.

I have my eye on this big gorgeous wasps’ nest: papermakers.  It’s waaaaay way high, and if it falls while I’m here and survives, it’s for me.

I’ve begun to occupy that space I covet: I am not thinking in words, though an intense, rich, flowing language is everywhere, a symphony of images, tactility, scents, association.

I’ve always been baffled by artists who complain about ‘the isolation of the studio’. It’s the very situation I crave.

Give me a large daily dose of that isolation, unspoiled land to observe, and like-minded people within easy reach, and that’s when I most come alive.

Those are all the words I have. Here’s how it’s going:

6 thoughts on “Sunday studio

  1. bittersweet?
    this is a marvelous post, so very YOU. i love seeing your color studies–dyes, right? on paper swatches? and then the seed heads–enough to harvest for some paper? and berry leaves and and and! the prairie is so different than the foothills here.

  2. that 7th foto from top aka 3rd from bottom which looks like a japanese lantern is beautiful. i can see you making something like that.

  3. Thanks, all!

    Linda, the berries are bittersweet, like Velma said…I’m pretty sure they are an invading species (I’ve only seen them in the woods surrounding the prairie and along the creek).

    Velma…gawrsh, now I am blushing, thanks. There are tons of those and other seed heads, but the prairie is a protected place, requiring specific permission to harvest anything, or even to go off the paths. That’s a good thing. It’s ‘virgin’ tall grass prairie, 55 acres of it, with a wetlands area as well.

    Smith, actually: I AM building something similar, and finding that little Chinese Lantern on the grounds solved a construction issue!

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