It’s Thanksgiving evening.  This was tonight’s sunset beginning. If you celebrate, I hope yours was warm and wonderful; mine surely was.  I got to a good stopping point in the studio earlier tonight, and thought it would be great to come back to the house and catch up with a blog. But I’m not feeling wordy; I’m still full from the holiday feast which was at lunchtime!  So, here are some shots of what’s been happening the past few days:

Colors have been tested (and tested, and tested) and resolved…

…systems have been devised and implemented…

…patterns have been made…

…and utilized, thanks to a lovely visit to Pam Paulsrud and her North Shore bandsaw, on Tuesday.  I sanded these late into the night, but Wednesday, I hit some sort of wall.  It was cold and gloomy and rainy and I never seemed to quite wake up.  I painted them, though, and wrote this: “Wild wind out there, what’s left of the big bluestem whipping around frantically, first clockwise then anti.  On the porch, the two empty rocking chairs oscillate madly.” Then I gave up, went to bed very early and slept for many, many hours. This morning, I woke fine and refreshed, and ran out to buy pies for the feast, then to the studio for a wee bit.

Chef Linda SO completely outdid herself! (And that, my friends, is saying something).  My new fave: sweet potatoes with chipotle. Some residents had gone to family or friends’ celebrations (I definitely missed mine, but I am thankful for their understanding…I didn’t want to miss this!) But still we were fourteen with many guests; champagne toasts, great talk, the infamous turkey butt (long story), and a game or two…fantastic!  (And the fridge is unbelievably loaded).

Some folks went out to second feasts elsewhere; in the late afternoon, I headed to the prairie to try to walk some of mine off…and at the end of the walk I was rewarded with a glorious sunset, and by seeing a fox.  (I thought I saw him on two occasions earlier in the week, but was too far away to tell).  Today, he crossed my path three times – and ran past the studio.  No other creature moves like that, and he had the most gorgeous bushy tail…beautiful.  Then, the studio till about 8, with no desire for dinner, whatsoever.

The Thanksgiving sunset turned everything purple-red.

And now I’m all set up for my personal feast of color tomorrow and Saturday…the privacy screen makes a great drying rack (it’ll be protected).  Every day at Ragdale is a feast; I feel so very blessed to be here right now for two feasts upon feasts: today, and the holiday party coming up next week…

3 thoughts on “Feasting

  1. Thanks for documenting our wonderful Thanksgving at Ragdale! The sunset was amazing. By then, I was in Glencoe helping to serve up a second feast for 22.

    What incredible bounty. I love the tradition of Thanksgiving lunch at Ragdale. All kinds of Pilgrims and Indians and all in good cheer, no family baggage, no traditions that are out of date and no weird uncles showing up with jello!

  2. i think i was buried under housework when you posted but this is to say belatedly that i am SO EXCITED about the studio work! wait, i already said that, didn’t i? obviously i am very excited.

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