It got quite cold out and my fridge worked too well!  This is is cooked kozo, frozen solid.  My abaca had ice in it also. Today and tomorrow are balmy and above freezing, but Monday and Tuesday it will be in the teens and below zero overnight.  So I’ve learned to regulate the airflow into the fridge with a towel and pushpins.

I’m having an early night.  I stayed in last night, too, but was up till nearly three; did laundry, looked things up online, and drew in the kitchen while that happened, giving the day’s studio experiments time to dry and removing myself from the temptation to mess with them while they did.  The results led to more experiments today, and then a massive necessary studio cleaning in preparation for tomorrow: today’s work will be dry in the morning, and it will give me the info I need to then put in a long day on an unusual project for me…a (relatively) flat piece!

Why I heart procion dyes: wet and dry.  But the dry photo isn’t good enough for you to see the amazing patterns, only the color change – it’s not photoshopped.

I decided to completely scrap one of the projects I’d begun a few days ago, but another is working out superbly.  It will not be ‘finished’ here (though a few of its components will be), but it’s something I can and will keep doing at home, thanks to having built the re-usable armatures and having had the time to work out the details. It will work in my wee studio, too. The pieces themselves are are immensely pleasing.  These and the flat thing I’m messing with and the thing I finished during the first two weeks are the ‘big’ works I’ll take home, but there are odd little experiments and sketches for later things going on concurrently as well.

And that’s that: I have the weekend and Monday to keep working, with readings Sunday and Monday evening, my open studio and documenting Tuesday afternoon, and packing in the evening; Wedensday, home, unload, then Thursday bright and early out to Rockford to pick up bookshrooms and get them shipped immediately to Delaware.  But that’s then, and this is now, and things are…singing. I’m feeling like music used to make me feel.  I don’t know how else to put it.

See you on the other side!

4 thoughts on “Enclave

  1. oh, wonderful! this is what a residency is for then, to make you feel like music does. how fine. and melissa, procions are wonderful. my second dyes (first was rit). but for color on cellulose that IS color, procions are the superb, and so much better than they were 30 years ago..

  2. yay, yay! it has been so good to know you’re there working and being. so at least i know all’s right w/the world SOMEwhere in the world.

    my sister needs a new fridge. i should tell them to build one like yours!!

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