Relief (of sorts)

Whew! Tuesday night, on the way back from the studio after packing up the artwork, I slipped on some unseen ice, and though I didn’t quite fall, I twisted my leg strangely while struggling to keep upright. Wednesday, I was limping, but with Jack and Dave’s excellent help, I got my Subaru loaded up and left Ragdale. Paul was at a conference, so I unloaded alone, verrrrry slowly and painfully.  Next morning, up and off to Rockford.  The semester is over, so there was no help to be had. Though I had little trouble de-installing or packing, I had a terrible time getting the car loaded; the stairs were my nemesis. My foot was throbbing.  I taped the foot up next morning while Paul brought the work inside, then I figured out how to pack 21 copies of (S)Edition to go to Delaware (which I couldn’t do without having them on hand, to see how they fit into various containers), then went out and got said containers, packing materials, and outer boxes to fit them all.  But there was a big snafu with FedEx, which wasn’t helped by the fact that I couldn’t find my hearing aids. Paul (literally) stepped in and we got them shipped out just in time…they’ll arrive the day before the show opens…I repeat: whew.  Taped the foot and headed out to Rockford again the next day; Carey had found a lovely, sharp young artist named Rebecca who helped immensely. I found I’d left my hearing aids on a pedestal in the gallery. The foot again began to throb badly as we loaded. But the takedown is done, and I drove directly to my ‘warehouse’ to drop off the work; fortunately, it’s on the ground floor. I suspect I’ve sprained the foot. One should keep off a sprain.  So, I’m about to do that: in a moment, I’m beginning a massive cleanup of my MacBook, then a huge upgrade, and then activating and getting to know an iPhone.  If nothing explodes, expect a couple of catchup blogs about the work I did at Ragdale, soon.  It was exciting. I’m home now till the end of March, and very happy about that. Though I still need to unpack from Ragdale…whew.

The last Ragdale snowfall. On my final evening, the fox came to say goodbye.

Here’s a nice mention of Cover Stories (I’m a fave, thanks) and (I think, a lovely) essay by the Jaffe collection. Though it was a tad disconcerting to read an excerpt from what I thought was a private e-mail from years ago, at least I didn’t say anything I don’t still agree with now…

4 thoughts on “Relief (of sorts)

  1. oh, NO. that sucks. i’d say maybe it’s b/c you need the rest but if it was me, i’d be saying a whole lot of $%(*&^@!%?! first. here’s to hoping it heals quickly!!

  2. Smith, you should know…!

    Thanks, all – it’s kind of nice to have an excuse to sit around, and that does seem to be helping. Not to mention the fact that almost all my tech is now totally up to date.

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