Happy 2010-into-11!

The photos are my home office / library, the room I most often write to you from, though it is rarely, if ever, this clean.  Usually I’m writing amid piles of papers and coffee cups. (These were shot when I reassembled it after the falling bookshelf incident of 2010.  I have never managed -yet- to find the time to strip off the horrible wallpapers; I have, however, been justified in fearing what may lie underneath them).

I spent yesterday re-entering the health care system, a totally different one than I had before, and I was impressed in spite of myself.  Though I can’t ever help thinking about the vast difference between insured and uninsured treatment in this country, which is not only a referral to the level of care but also the general attitude towards those who are fortunate enough to be able to produce the magic wee plastic card. But that is a rant for another time. Verdict: bad sprain.  Other than that I appear to be rather healthy, and that is indeed something to be grateful for as a remarkable, busy year closes. So, folks, is this way of connecting with you. (Velma wrote that much more eloquently today; I feel the same way). Happy New Year to all, and thanks so much for stopping by .

Now it’s time for Blahg’s annual list of Odd Search Engine Terms, 2010 version.  The year’s tally showed an impressive, unprecedented number of searches for me by name, and also for specific pieces, events and shows.  There also were a great many searches for friends and people I’ve mentioned or who have commented on the blahg, and (of course) subjects I’ve written about.  Here’s the best of the rest:

  • handmade book + woman
  • Melissa Jay can feel it
  • Cold Day Hell
  • Melissa art craig shrooms
  • Melissa met art
  • Melissa met art mu
  • Melissa a metart
  • Listen, Melissa  JC
  • Craig and Melissa paper in Chicago
  • mjc photo studio
  • mjc press paper studio
  • mjc shooting
  • MJC Kapoor
  • mjc 2010 prom
  • Life remembering Marilyn yes
  • chan ann leis a’chiad bhuille thuiteas a’chraobh
  • Melissa Audrey Wisconsin
  • Things could be so much worse
  • How soon after December 1 did you hear from Ragdale
  • Snow Day Craig
  • Used bookbinding equipment myth
  • Saturnalia illustrations
  • Big fat red hard
  • Site que compra melissa mary queit
  • Do and does
  • bock artest melsssa crag
  • Melissa jay university of the art
  • Class Craig JayM makes Paper Making
  • Turn books into sculpture
  • Paper sculpture low live
  • sculpture by industrialization
  • Fucking racoons
  • Jayblahg and paper
  • Computer sculpture hears lawsuit
  • Womens studio center and Melissa Orange Blue
  • Holiday humanities, window
  • Limen pronunciation
  • melissa jay i can feel it in the air
  • craig’s packing house equipment
  • metal art + book sculpture
  • Art of warm Melissa
  • Betsy Palmer Shoes
  • chicago. Beauty.
  • Limn Lymen Liminal
  • WordPress met art
  • met art new stockings galleries
  • Art blahg who is
  • not with the first stroke that the tree falls
  • i can clean my class
  • Prototype Prototype Prototype
  • The Craig Tidal Reunion
  • ripped out of the wall bang
  • why do make alternate books?
  • Sidoes Si Does Doessi
  • Zip mouth on picture arts
  • Catepilla biding
  • How two sell my spawn figures in graig
  • Succelent petris
  • Frent.
  • Yard undocumentable method not
  • Medieval beat
  • Who is writing the blahg?
  • “I cant hear you”
  • Cricket in the wild ol pejeta, kenya mel craig
  • Jau tuhb
  • People reading books
  • Crosses mist
  • Classrooms with lots of book in them
  • “hair chop”
  • “nonacademic” life news
  • “my hearing aid stories”
  • beans exhibition
  • sammon bottles
  • book is a sculpture?
  • Sculpture booock paper
  • Tax free new Ham
  • who were the smiths who lived on west st
  • olive color walls
  • ninetennine.com
  • see ohio road tripes
  • paper studio summer bugs line
  • amazing book sculpture
  • he beater
  • art work with packing fpam
  • velam has captured been from the monster and they tied her up and zip in his room and mouth he put he…
  • ………aaaaand:
  • search engine terms wordpress

Warm Melissa is off to make low live industrialized sculpture bocks with packing fpam. I can feel that Medieval Beat in the air. Have a lovely evening.

4 thoughts on “Happy 2010-into-11!

  1. dare i?–a succulent petris and a fucking raccoon to you!
    i can hear you laughing all the way from chicago!
    happy to hear what’s up with your ankle, take proper care of it!
    and a happy new year.

  2. that was pure poetry. and just… you in a nutshell!

    i have seen many ohio road tripes. usually at rest stops.

    hoppy new jeer!

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