January Remix


It’s been an odd uneven week, largely personally pleasant (dinners, drinks and visits with friends, fun with Paul and Lupe, sunny cold walks, forays out to now-seldom-visited parts of the city) but also full of pesky reversals and adjustments, none of which seem blogworthy and most of which were time-consuming: exchanging the refurbished iPhone for a new one, dealing with numerous other persnickety results of the recent technology upgrade (about two-thirds of which are resolved), finding out I am not quite as healthy as was originally proclaimed (nothing dire, but adjustments required both physical and in attitude) and so on.  The shootings in Arizona threw me into an all-time low as well.  This far-too-appropriate stencil graffiti was found awhile ago in an alley just off Washington Street in the loop; my personal title for it is Republiguns.

Other than that, I am just finishing up several not-quite copies of the Printworks piece (first two badly shot above), and once again doing quite a bit of intricate spring and summer juggling with a number of lovely unsolicited opportunities that popped in, while trying to figure out how and if things I’d like to apply for (with fast-looming deadlines) might fit into the as-yet unknown mix without my becoming ridiculously overbooked again.  It’s a rather fortunate dilemma to have!  This is the one thing that’s certain…but there are a lot o’ possibilities swooshing around up there in the January air right now. So far, 2011 continues an unpredictable, enjoyable path.

PS: Here’s a bit more Ragdale Revisited by Michael McColly…

2 thoughts on “January Remix

  1. agh–my bro-in-law upgraded his iphone only to find they had to a complete overhaul on the OS for their home computer b/c it wouldn’t sync, and then they lost their old software, and so on and so forth. but…i knew 2011 would fill up for you!

    i can’t even comment on AZ b/c it’s altogether too depressing. but that graffiti sums it up.

  2. Isn’t weird how opportunities emerge? When I left Chicago, I was very bummed about “not having anything hardly happening” in 2011, and all of a sudden, I’m trying to co-ordinate a list of appearances — how very un-me.

    The graffiti is frighteningly appropriate, and very well done….

    In the immortal words of Garrison Keillor, “keep well, do good work, and keep in touch.” 🙂

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