…still January

I just haven’t got much to write about. I’m still lining up things that will be interesting for me, and so (hopefully) to you, whoever you are. I’m seeing a steadily increasing number of searches for ‘Melissa Jay Craig 2011 workshops’ and I heartily thank you, whoever you are: there are some classes in my current juggling act, which I’ll post as they’re settled.  The one thing I know is that they’ll start in March.

These are finished now.

The past week consisted of much more of that juggling act with a lot of effort and little refinement, not only for things relating to artwork and teaching (and still, technology) but convoluted medical record weirdness (resolved, finally) and collaborative plans involving other folks like me, whose schedules are written on Mexican jumping beans. Saturday, a suddenly pushed-back deadline allowed me to leap over to an application I’d resigned myself to missing, and I hit the ‘submit’ button at 11:59 for a midnight deadline, laughing. It all works out as it needs to, but doesn’t make for much to blog about while it’s happening.

I’m also cooking, becoming (nearly) a vegetarian.  I’m doing it to ward off a threat of medication. Both the cooking and the reasons for it require research, an interesting ongoing process, but again: not to write about. While I’m sure aging is going to demand a good amount of introspection I might eventually care to share, at this point it and I are simply eyeing each other, new fellows on a long residency together.  I’m aiming to learn to make the whole experience savory, even when I need to tear down and rebuld.

Right now, I’m happy that most folks in the US are off work and busy today.  That let me take yesterday off to just mess about in the studio with no objective, to write this blahg, and to let Lupe take me for a long walk….back to juggling work today and then maybe a bit more studio. I wish you all a nice, quiet, productive day, whoever you are.

Just for papermakers: here’s my sweet cutter, making short work of breaking down a friend’s $1 garage sale linen tablecloth, several layers at a time.  Obviously, I couldn’t shoot it in action till someone else came by to use it and agreed to be a safe-use hand model.  This will make delicious paper:


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