What (some of) you have been searching for:

The view from my office chair…pretty much what I’m seeing for the next few days.  When I take my daily walk, it’s way too cold to shoot anything!

The spring schedule is mostly nailed down, finally. I am still involved in piles of paperwork relating to these and a number of other things. Still up in the air are exhibitions, curating projects and the summer, fall and early winter schedule. But as promised, here’s what I have:

March 5, a one-day Portable Papermaking workshop at Evanston Paper and Print, 10am – 4pm (I thank Eileen and the good folks there for their patience and willingness to rearrange everything, several times. We had planned a different version of this but will wait till later to debut it).

March 13 – May 6, an eight-week class titled Surface & Structure, Paper & Book at Penland School of Crafts in the mountains of North Carolina, near Asheville and old dear friends in Black Mountain as well.  I’m taking over this class for the lovely Amy Jacobs, who was unable to teach it, and I thank her for asking me (and again, all the folks who were understanding about shifting other obligations about to do it). Penland, like PBI last summer, is something I’ve always wanted to experience but had never applied to do; during the years of fulltime teaching, I desperately needed my summers for my own work.  So it will be wonderful to finally be there, and for eight weeks to boot – not to mention spring in the mountains! There are a few spaces open in the class, and I’d love to see some of you there too…

I’ll now fly out of Asheville to take part in The Art of the Book in the 21st Century on March 25 and 26, where I’ll not only enjoy the rest of the symposium and see the large, intriguing show, but will be able to hook up with two more old dear friends who live nearby as well.

That’s me till mid-May, and now: back to the paperwork and its deadlines. (And then hopefully on to a February of my own work).