Pleasantly Adrift (with postscript)

Happy Imbolc, Chinese New Year and Snowpocalypse, Day Two.  Chicago was/ is supposedly the epicenter of the massive storm; this morning’s Trib sums up the impact on Chicago.  Personally, I rather love storms (and being snowed in) and this one was (and is still) quite spectacular.  Our power was out from 6 last night to 6:30 this morning, though, and that meant no heat, but we could light the stove. I bundled up, drank lots of hot ginger tea, and read by flashlight till midnight, stopping periodically to watch it all through the windows, particularly during the surreal thunder and lightning. Our 24-hour blizzard warning lifts in about 3 hours.  I’ll probably just have to venture out, alone because dog Lupe who normally loves snow refuses to leave the back porch. The drifts are well over her head. If you’re where it’s heading next, stay warm and enjoy.

In another world, I truly appreciated this thoughtful analysis of (S)Edition that appeared online a few days ago. I’m quite pleased that someone finally ‘got’ the darkness in the piece, though the writer in this case seems to have focused on those aspects. Most often, it’s the other way around; folks respond to (S)Edition’s playfulness and humor and shy away from its disturbing aspects. Still, it was my intention to open up a complex, wide-ranging resonance using a deceptively simple image, and it’s most gratifying to have someone thoroughly engage with it.  Thanks, Ms. Alissa: though it might have been scarier, I wish you could have seen all 99.

While I was writing this, the snow stopped and our street was actually plowed – that’s record time!  Below is a giant SUV abandoned in the middle of the street, shot just over an hour ago.  Several neighbors came out to push it to the curb for the plow. Fun! Though digging out, I predict, will not be.

PS: Five hours later.  Paul’s snowblower laid down and died almost immediately. Ditto for a second one.  Seven neighbors from four households (including me) with one functional snowblower between us banded together and shoveled out all our houses and cars and did the same for a few of our elderly neighbors as well.  The piles of snow are taller than me.

Two freed Subarus…

4 thoughts on “Pleasantly Adrift (with postscript)

  1. WOW. i certainly enjoy hearing about it and seeing it from a distance! i’m glad you have warmth at home, though. the tea, especially, sounds wonderful.

    super review! very thoughtful. i’m glad she published it. makes me want to make art again…if i wasn’t ‘grading’ books.

  2. were still in it…the plows have the roads pretty well under control, this shoveler has only cleared out the end of the driveway. i can power out in the morning, if i’m lucky. going to look at the review–

  3. omg, that post script!!! WOW. i guess i shouldn’t be surprised that snow blowers would lay down and die in this kind of phenomenon.

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