Typically Atypical.

I’m having a busy February, atypically so, but my body wants to deny that and be in hibernation while the tundra is frozen. This leaves me feeling a wee bit scattered and up in the air even when I can easily see progress, which makes no sense, which is, in fact, typical for February.  Still, I love living in four full seasons.

I’ve had an equal number of disappointments and delights fly in and out of the inbox this week. I’m looking forward to the day, which may (I hope) come soon when I will be free to evolve the Blahg into what I’d like it to become. Right now, too much is happening to even effectively continue the dull diaristic thang; I need to live it, not write it. I’ve been working on the web site when I can, which makes me need to get away from the computer altogether.  So far, I’ve only published the odd bibliography page.

Out in the world: if you are near Philadelphia, I have work in this show, which opens this Sunday, February 13, thanks to curator Lisa Heller.  If you are near Denver that day Aimee Lee will teach you about the wonders (and they are many) of Hanji here; and if you can’t, you have a second chance to hear about hanji from Aimee on February 16. And if you are in Chicago, get on over to North Branch Projects for a visit or one of the Community Binding sessions.  I (finally) visited earlier this week, and I was impressed; you will be too. And there are still  spaces open in Portable Papermaking at Evanston Print & Paper, March 5th. If you can come to North Carolina for eight weeks (you know you want to!), there are still three places open in the veritable paper and book extravaganza at Penland…where I will also be showing work in the spring instructor’s exhibition.  And if you are in the Pacific Northwest, you can still go see Tim Ely’s show at the Museum of Arts and Culture in Spokane through April 16.  I ran into this great article late, but I’m glad I did, and I wish I could see it.

In the regular mail, UPS, FedEx and out visiting old Aiko’s friends and others, no disappointments and only delights, including comfy new rubber boots and an envelope of gifts from the North Country from Velma and Nolan: books and stories…thank you!

4 thoughts on “Typically Atypical.

  1. YAY for the mail love! thanks so much for the shout-outs. i don’t have the snow to do it to me, but i also feel very scattered this feb. those chairs make me think there’s going to be a lemonade stand set up in the snow soon. i wish i could send you some lemons from our tree!

  2. do chicagoans drag out chairs to the street in winter?

    i told nolan today you were happy i sent his zine and that you were both redheads, and i got a HUGE grin! i wish you could see that smile!

  3. Thanks, Aimee! Have a great time in Denver.

    Velma, yep…chairs are the traditional way to preserve your parking space after you’ve spent several hours digging it out.

    Still so pleased with the books…! Even though I am a bottle reddish head these days.

    • nolan thinks i’m an “old hippie” and i tell him i’m technically too young, that woodstock happened before i was a teenager. he’s like the bottle red thing, he’s one cool dude!

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