Two Fourteen Eleven

If you are in the Chicago area (or if you can get here), we want you.  Just think: if you had taken this class, you might’ve had much less cabin fever while snowed in…

This morning I woke to a valentine card.  I don’t think either of us has ever acknowledged this particularly commercial holiday before, together or separately.  It seems odd to have that happen after we’ve been married, rather than early on when (presumably) we were trying to impress each other. Odd is good. I hope you had a fine VDay, if it’s something you celebrate.

Otherwise, we move on and things move in and out.  These contain bookshrooms. One crate got shipped out and two of three crates came home, but the identical third went to Fort Worth for some odd reason.  Technology was definitely that way too, but I finally got large web site changes mostly finished and with great effort, published, though it took a long late-night tech support chat session to make that happen, and the site still has many odd quirks that need tweaking; endless. Downstairs, an old friend (on his first visit to make use of my studio) employed cutter and beater to turn a large piece of old linen into new sketchbook pages in less than five hours. Here they are loft drying in posts:

What else?  Arranging things, planning the next projects, beginning to get ready for Penland. The snow is melting, and I have lovely new rubber boots that are as comfortable as old shoes. It’s all odd, all good, and…that’s all.

3 thoughts on “Two Fourteen Eleven

  1. The noses are from the night the millennium clicked over from the 1990s into the 2000s…I was having a small party and we all spontaneously decided to head to the lakefront to watch the fireworks. We had no party hats, but I happened to have a lot of rubber noses stashed away, so we all wore them.

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