Even a false Spring…

Busy busy busy, with not much to say, so I’ll say what I can with photos.

The rest of these arrived…

…and duly traveled to where my work lives between shows. LOOK! Almost no snow.

Now they are moving around in smaller batches, so I really needed to make this…

…and I decided that it’s time to live with a few. They glow in the increasing light, instantly remind me of so very, very many good things.

I eliminated most of the web site quirks and had a lovely sushi fest and favourite bar-athon with special peeps this week; there were some nice offers in the inbox (thanks!), but one missed deadline. Today: plans have been drawn up, materials and volunteer help have been gathered and a satisfying bit of building begins in the paper studio; metaphorical building continues. Onward…

One thought on “Even a false Spring…

  1. omg, the SHROOMTRACKER!!! that is AMAZING. you could start your own business w/just that, alone. and i am amazed to see so little snow! i suppose everything really does change. jealous of sushi and bar-athon but very happy that you’re able to be out and about now that the crazy storming has passed.

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