Forward: March

Into overdrive as I enter the final week before Penland, but I’m getting it all done.

Yesterday, a lovely segue: composer Christopher Preissing came by to pick up three new little experimental abaca instrument-pods that I had finished the day before. They’re the next stage in some experiments that began at Ragdale, and we talked excitedly about further possibilities.  You (but not I) can hear some of his work here.

The inbox has been jumping with many more exciting possibilities, and I’m keeping those in mind (and receiving ’em via iPhone) while I’ve been alternating between days spent running all over town and intense studio days. A nice note: I was gifted with 40 cotton linters for blotters for the drying system; sweet. Right now I’m taking a wee break in prep for tomorrow’s Portable Papermaking class, which will be fun, even though it involves a lot of schlepping. I’ll head back Sunday to make use of Evanston Print and Paper’s fine facilities for something of my own, and then next week is all studio all the time, and when it’s not, it’s packing.  Spring is also an apt word for how I’m beginning the season, and I’m loving it.

It’s also Women’s History Month, and here is a nice tribute to some very deserving women, particularly those who work to showcase our work…making new stories.

2 thoughts on “Forward: March

  1. look at that happy musician! i love what you made for him. and gifts are wonderful, and soon you will be in the beginnings of spring. i love those pods, and their colors.

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