Black Mountain

Just over the NC state line…there’s a river down there.  Way down there.

Made a bunch of samples (the new drybox / stack dryer worked perfectly. Perfectly!), dug through tons of sample papers and structures and found some I forgot I had, didn’t find some I was certain I still had, raided my handout files, packed packed packed, got new corrected glasses, shipped a piece to Colorado that will eventually end up in a state I just drove through, put the studios to sleep, packed some more, loaded up, and hit the road at 3pm yesterday, motel in Lexington KY last night, Black Mountain at about noon, big brunch and a mountain walk and catching up: Penland tomorrow. It’s lovely here: spring.  Daffodils and creeping phlox blooming, trees budding out, 65 degrees, but you can still see a dusting of snow on the higher mountaintops here and there. We ate our brunch out on the wee restaurant’s porch, in the sun.  Tonight, Mary is out for ‘movie night’ and dinner at a friend’s and I begged off for some quiet class prep, rest and quiet for quiet’s sake, and everyone’s easy with that. This all begins tomorrow.



2 thoughts on “Black Mountain

  1. yay! i knew you’d be seeing some spring! i remember kentucky and springs, hiking in the hills, riding in the farmlands, finding an arrowhead, mayapples and narcissi…thankfully no copperheads.

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