They tell me there are mountains beyond those windows but I haven’t seen much of them.  (To be fair, too, it’s been raining).  It’s the end of the third day of class and we have made three large stack dryer loads of paper from four beater loads of pulp; two more loads are soaking.  We’ve made one book (and some folks have made three or four), and now people are working on this week’s second book, a 48-page opus with progressive content.  And, we’ve done it in a rather cramped indoor space in one end of the bindery, to save ourselves from the cold of the expanded space we’ll have available when it warms up a bit. I have also made two pasties (long story). Two instructor gatherings, one slideshow, two general meetings, and I missed the instructor’s show opening yesterday. My slideshow is tomorrow, appropriately on St. Patrick’s day. Have yourself a good one!  I’m going to. I love Penland.