Why Try?

Why try to blog?  Too much to doooo…I’m just trying to keep this thing going for awhile, till I can evolve it later this year, I hope. My time here is halfway done, which seems incredible.  I’m just now feeling like I mostly know the ropes.  After a week of rain and cold, it’s now turned lovely, wildflowers and blossoming trees, which always happens after Edible Books.

The crew. Front: Josiah.  Middle, L to R: Pat, Barbara, Heather, Kelly, Amanda, Jenna.  Back: me, Linnie.

Our Edible Books event rocked!  The class was totally enthusiastic, worked hard, made gorgeous and/or hilarious books, and so did a surprising number of other people.  It was so nice to once again be able to shout the official proclamation (though I did not, as once was traditional, stand on a chair), “Eat Book!”

I kept this one.  Not only was it a contribution from someone I respect, it just underscores how I am looking at things in general these days. “Edible with patience (+ a little water).”

I’m trying to make the web page for the event: still waiting for photos.  Maybe today, during my laundry hours?  One can but hope; watch this space for the link. I advertised it as The First Annual All Penland Edible Books Festival, which made some purists cringe (sigh), but for me projects into the future. I did add the clarifying ‘(we hope)’. And I do sincerely hope Edible Books becomes a tradition here.  Internationally, it was the Twelfth Annual Festival.  Of course, I raised a glass (actually a few) to Judith Hoffberg.

Edible was followed last night by the Poly Prom.  In the afternoon, I ran out to two local thrift stores and found an appropriately disgusting jacket for $3 at the second, unintentionally but happily replenished my stock of evening-reading paperbacks at the first.  I didn’t stay at the prom long, maybe 20 minutes; it was the worst possible deaf-person scenario, which I knew would be the case: loud music, shifting light from the original Wonka movie being screened as a backdrop, lots of talking, shouting, shrieking, laughing – it looked like a blast!  That was fine with me.  I started reading one of the paperbacks and got some sleep, but I don’t think anyone else did.  Noisy campus?  No problem for deaf people. Things all work out. I’ll try to remember that as I address my formidable to-do list today.