R & R

This is on one of my regular Penland walks…I call it the Lazarus door.

A three day weekend was absolutely what I needed.  I re-did the class demo schedule and left Saturday just before lunch.  It began raining just as I got to Mary’s. The house key was easy to locate; I hit the grocery and finished off a pile of nagging non-Penland office-type work during a thunderstorm, did laundry, played with cats, made my own dinner, watched a captioned dvd, did not set the alarm when I went to bed.

On Sunday… I…did…nothing. Read a novel out on the deck in warm sun accompanied by a perfect mild blossom-scented breeze, occasionally stopped and wandered Mary’s impressive, varied gardens, went for an early evening walk up the hill and back down, and was blissfully deaf. Ahhhh.

Mary came home later that evening from her mushroom-hunting foray with 150 morels! We shared some wine. Monday, we went to Asheville in her truck, picked up 300 pounds of sand, visited a few places including Asheville Book Works (very nice!) and ate a delicious Himalayan buffet lunch.  Back to Black Mountain for a few more stops here & there, a walk and some gelato…it was hot. My car said it was 86 degrees outside, but as I climbed back up to Penland, it slowly dropped to 79. I was so ‘busy relaxing’ all weekend that I didn’t take any photos, but spring is more advanced further down, and for this northerner, the most spectacular sight of all was wisteria running wild in full bloom. Today, it’s rainy and cool but finally not cold, and the class went well, and friend Eileen is here for a week-long class.

My favourite place in Spruce Pine:

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