Spring, Sporadic

…Another Penland week. It was a nice one thanks to the previous weekend’s rest, the new voluntary demonstration attendance policy, and the fact that a friend who deserved time to try something new was here taking a one-week class.  Also, Heather did one day’s demo, on wax / encaustic surface treatments, a very popular thing I don’t do (I tried a bit after class). There’s one more week of demos to go, all mine, and then folks are on their own. Somewhere in there we’re meant to make martini glasses (for us, out of paper), Easter eggs, and something for the auction, I think in that order.  Though they are all really optional projects. So I made one of my demos this week fit the bill for an auction project (as well as two of next week’s). I beat fiber (flax) for it today, and I also had time this week to pulp down a once-favorite soft blue linen shirt that was just about ready to disintegrate on its own, but not to make sheets…hopefully, tomorrow.  The weather is still odd, sort of coughing up spring in little chunks, and then suddenly cold or storming or both, and it makes everyone tired. But finally on the mountains you can see green other than pines, the trees are sprouting wee leaf buds now on all but the highest elevations. The three one-week classes are finished, and the three-day board meeting is over (surprisingly, I knew two people on the board from elsewhere; it was very good to visit with them);   a huge influx of people at mealtimes.  Now (I think!) it’s just us 8-week folk, for 3 more weeks exactly.

One thought on “Spring, Sporadic

  1. i remember telling ben years ago that i was tired in korea b/c of the spring. he said nonsense, but then i found this word and it all made sense: Frühjahrsmüdigkeit. i hope the weather gets it straight and at least resembles some kind of consistency soon!

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