“that same ol’ place”

Well, here it is again: I hit sweet home Chicago, spend a few days decompressing and then I get swallowed. Currently I’m busy with more  unexpected-deadline research work, fortunately interspersed with a spate of pleasant events involving family and friends. Other than unpacking, packing and more shipping there’s been no studio, no gardening…and no time to write about Penland yet.  But wait! You can read about the class and get some insight into the whole Penland experience, written as it happened, thanks to lovely Linnie Trettin. (I wasn’t planning to use her full name, but she’s already been outed). Lots of photos, too!

These are just a few of my favourite handmade things that came home from Penland: on top, a lovely little felted lichen by Ingrid, who is from Sweden.  I had to have it!  Had to.  I wore it for the first time to a party last night, pinned to my sweater.  Above, what I’m calling my new whisky tot by Cynthia Bringle, who told me I had to pick out something I would use.  I’ve always wanted a special glass for special drams, and this is not only gorgeous, it felt just perfect in my hand, fitted beautifully.  Be sure to read about Cynthia at her site. And below, Char astounded me by giving me this incredible heavy glass bottle she’d glazed with real silver…

3 thoughts on ““that same ol’ place”

  1. wow! that’s a lot of documentation, but it looks great. and i am still amazed you all survived all the colds and dampnesses of the season. cheers!

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