Heating Up

Future dinners in pots. You know it’s summer when the tomatoes bloom.

Well, since I brought up health issues in the last blahg: I went and had a lot of x-rays but will get no diagnosis for ten more days or so. The visit definitely reconfirmed the fact that I do not at all like being locked into this type of health care system.  A good friend (while dealing with considerable troubles of her own) made a brilliant suggestion for my preferred type of what is still called ‘alternative’ care, and I immediately, miraculously found a practitioner who accepts my insurance.  But it turns out that said insurance is rigged so that any care, in order to be covered, must first be approved by the system…sigh. I am determined to get what I need, but in the meantime, I need to keep moving. Fortunately, most of what I need to accomplish does not involve the affected parts of my body, and I will have assistance for the portions that do.

One of my visits was Ragdale, the day after a late-night storm.  Traffic lights were out all over Lake County, making my three-stop itinerary, um, interesting. Many of the burbs were without power for a few days.

I had a good week zipping all over the immediate region, to the north for separate meetings about a fall show, a workshop, and an upcoming experimental project that truly excites me. Then, southeast (with a full load of bookshrooms) to have lunch with a dear old friend, check out Blink gallery, have a look at the (fabulous) two galleries I’ll be installing in tomorrow and Wednesday at the lovely Lubeznik Center, and then a lovely drive home through the Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore park until I hit the freeway, Chicago and the usual horrendous traffic. I also had tons – tons! –  of admin on various upcoming projects, all of it – always! – due at the same time, and it’s nowhere near done.  I’m trying to get it all out of the way, finish the still-ongoing massive overhaul of my gardens, and then have 5 weeks in my cool studio during hot July and August before Ragdale…hopefully having had the physical problems finally treated.

Ragdale House undergoing (extensive) restoration.  It will be odd to be there while this is going on;  the residents are all in the Barnhouse or Friends.

Some late shout-outs from this weekend: Happy fourth birthday to Evanston Print, and congrats to: Velma, who taught North Country Shifu at the Morgan, and Shawn, who wraped up a class at the Focus on Book Arts conference, and the Smiths, who  opened a show of their work with a poetry reading. (I’m sure I’m forgetting lots of others; sorry).  Congrats to me, too, because during my earlier June blog hiatus, I set up a shady spot outdoors to work on my laptop, and I wrote this there yesterday. It doesn’t make writing or admin go faster, but it makes it much nicer.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch: some of the plants awaiting new homes, after the Lubeznik install, after the admin…hopefully soon.

3 thoughts on “Heating Up

  1. SO MUCH going on. i don’t know how you stay on top of it. i don’t know how you continue to survive chicago traffic. mostly, i hope all the health stuff resolves quickly, but i hear you about the horrible trap of the system. i’m in the midst of that and finally decided today to just forgo a visit demanded by one office b/c i can’t put up with the insurance end of it. if i’ve survived over a year w/o that one appt, i can survive another two months. the things we do to accommodate the complete brokenness in this country…but HOORAY for the plants and the workspace outdoors! that’s a real treat.

  2. Thanks for the Ragdale pix — I’ve been wondering how the reno is going. Sad to see the blowdown, and I sure remember where that is. Or “was,” I guess. Bet it was weakened with that huge storm when I was out last fall, and the Groundhog Day Blizzard. I guess its time had come….

    Seems to be a lot of health issues going around (you, me, Aimee, several friends here as well), and find it a wee bit odd that we’re all suffering at the same time. Feh.

    Back to my admin stuff, proposal writing, etc. etc. Since I’m not sure where I’m going to be in a month or so, I gave up the garden, except for a rogue tarragon that sprang up where we planted seeds last summer. I’m cheered by how it decided to do better when ignored than coddled in the greenhouse last summer. 🙂

  3. the morgan…sigh…wonderful, wonderful and intelligent and eager students, and new melissa work (in the show) that i really really liked…also aimee work…anyway, they send you hugs. glad to be home for a bit–my lawn and garden is out of control. as usual. good luck with health stuff, i’m also along for that ride right now. five more weeks of splinting.

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