and so on

It’s great to have someone look at your work and say, “I’ve never seen anything like it!” That happened a number of times at the Lubeznik.  It’s not so great to have a specialist look at your x-rays and say much the same thing. For one thing, it spawns more appointments with more doctors with only minimal attempts at treatment until their opinions coincide, and even then, treatment apparently also has to follow a set progression dictated not by the medical profession, but the insurance company.  Ridiculous.  All I know at this point is that I have an unusual manifestation of a common aging-people’s condition in my knees, and it’s slowing me down.

So is the data loss. I’ve been working hard, have re-built my calendar, and re-established connections with upcoming shows, jobs and other projects outside those realms, rebuilding folders, re-writing, and admin admin admin. And searching and re-searching the recovered photos…I haven’t even begun to start reorganizing those nor rebuilding slideshows.  I need another visit to the Mac store to resolve iWeb issues left over from the crash; can’t update my website till that happens. Somewhere in there I also did an e-mail interview (with some good questions) in connection with the Lubeznik show.

Keeping me from frustration are the gardens. Though the knees do slow me down, since I’ve been home from Penland, I’ve done a massive re-working of them, working (very slowly and creakily) whenever schedule and weather permitted.  The end of it all is finally in sight.  With Paul’s help, I built five new beds (with two small ones still to come), thinned out tons of perennials and either transferred them to the new beds or given them away, and relocated a lot of plants into more hospitable environments. It’s very satisfying. Also, the gardens will now be better able to take care of themselves much better in the future. I’m setting it up so I can still have growing things around to satisfy my soul without stressing my body. Two to three more days of working this summer will ensure great pleasure next year and well beyond. By the end of the week or definitely next, the admin and the gardens will be out there working on their own, and I will, at long last, be in the studio. I’m itchin’ for that.