and so forth

An utterly spectacular strobe-flashing all-night lightning storm brought a five-hour power outage and delayed my knowledge of the horrific events in Norway; belatedly, my heart went out.

In my own wee microcosm, nothing blahg-worthy. I’ve been busy: garden projects are finished, till fall. Meetings happened, more but not enough data recovery happened, more medical stuff happened with no conclusions yet, and a great huge pile of admin made its way out the door.  A weeklong heat wave happened, and now we’ve entered a period of multiple storms and multiple lengthy power failures. We were lucky in the above-mentioned storm and didn’t flood, though friends and neighbors did. We only had some seepage into my paper studio. Power hasn’t been reliable enough to (over) beat some prepared fiber, but soon.

Pleasant personal things also happened and are happening: visits, a gathering, another unexpected check in the mail and a spot of sheer indulgence: being treated to a closed-captioned, air-conditioned movie (a real one in a theater) in the middle of a hundred-degree day. A dear old friend arrived last night for a five-day visit. Though the weather was fine, power mysteriously went out again promptly upon his arrival, so we had a fine candle-and flashlight-lit back porch party together. The power went back on just before it rained again, after midnight. It’s a mild, productive time under the radar, and I’m grateful for that.

Here is a wee nice review/article from last week.  And so it goes.

2 thoughts on “and so forth

  1. yay for the review! what crazy weather and outages. i’m only today recovering from the heatwave; i am glad you made it safely!

  2. Good review. Your phrase “there’s always an unknown, experimental factor, a dialogue with the material that keeps me fascinated” caught my mind because that’s the same feeling I get with the corrosion and rust since they change on their own and I never know before hand what I’m going to get.

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