Slow fireworks at Lughnassadh

Possibly my favourite place in Chicago.

One of the reasons I haven’t looked forward to blogging the past few months has been frustration with all the medical stuff, with months of limited mobility, and  (I can admit it now) a whole lot of physical pain. But, last week the health care system finally shunted me into a place I can understand and embrace: physical therapy. Right from the start, during my consultation, things began to look up. I learned that, though I can’t heal back to square one, I can arrest this condition, prevent further degeneration, and maybe even improve it a bit. I’m a few days into the daily therapy practice, and I can already feel a highly encouraging difference.

Of course, I’m generating feel-good endorphins, but it’s also simply the action: of the positive energy of contributing to my own healing, of discovering what I can do and how and that I can do a little more each day. It’s not an endeavor that has anything to do with my artwork directly, but it will keep my body able to produce what the rest of me needs so very much.  In remembering that very simple truth (yet again), I’m reminded of my all-time favourite Lynda Barry piece…particularly the aside, “has no memory of having solved this problem before” …and I used to hand out a copy of this to my thesis students regularly!)

I also did all the serious initial groundwork for a fall show of local artists I’m co-curating with Shawn, had a great visit from my old friend and a sweet warm lovely time at a dear one’s big formal wedding, where we were all bathed in purple light at the reception. At home, the summer gardens are full and lush, the tomatoes are ripe enough to begin eating, and now I have a couple of relatively free weeks with only a (possible) bit of teaching, a short road trip, weekly P/T appointments plus another medical specialist, and follow-up on co-curating duties. Otherwise, it’s The Studio and getting ready for an unusual-for-me new experiment / project I asked to be able to do at Ragdale, which will extend beyond my residency.  They said yes. Ragdale always, always, always comes through for me, and I am so grateful and excited to –hey-! be able to step off into the unknown.

Here’s a listing I’m happy about for this fall.  I was pleased to be asked to take this particular show on an out-of-town trial. If you know someone who lives nearby, pass it on. And it will happen in a bindery!

Happy kozo! It’s gotten big enough to begin exhibiting the distinctive bark pattern.